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Finding the time to wash and wax your car can be nearly impossible. However, if you’re serious about keeping your vehicle looking it’s best, then you need to get it protected with a professional grade ceramic coating. Ceramic coatings are perfect for owners looking to preserve their paint or vinyl wrap for as long as possible and keep it looking new. As a bonus, you will no longer have to waste your valuable time and effort to constantly wax your vehicle.  Contact us to have a professional grade coating applied today!
“Upstate detailing did an amazing job detailing and ceramic coating my vehicle. Communication was on point and job was done in a timely manner quicker than expected. The owner is very professional and their prices are reasonable. I highly recommend!”
Gina Gee



Advanced protective super
hydrophobic application.


Years of protection from
corrosion and contaminants.

UV Protection

Protects from UV Damage,
Oxidation, Acid Rain.

Heat Resistant

Withstands extreme heat up
to 1400 degrees farenheit.


3 Year

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6 Year

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About Upstate Auto Styling

At Upstate Auto Styling in Spartanburg, SC, we offer exceptional services using only the highest-quality materials and the latest technology. Our experienced professionals are dedicated to bringing your vision to life and providing unparalleled customer satisfaction. Trust us to protect your vehicle’s exterior with our top-quality ceramic coating services in Spartanburg, SC, ensuring that your investment retains its stunning appearance for years to come. Choose Upstate Auto Styling for the best ceramic coating services in Spartanburg, SC.


“I had been researching ceramic coating for a while and then after I spoke with Vlad, I knew he and his company were exactly what I needed. I was very impressed with the level of detail and communication. Vlad provided me with timely updates of everything and it all went like clockwork. I had no clue of what a ceramic coating would look like until I saw my truck. I was totally blown away!!! Vlad and his staff did an OUTSTANDING JOB!!! I highly recommend Upstate Mobile Car Detailing!!!!”
West J
“I bought a new 4 runner and wanted to get paint protected with a ceramic coating. I had the 6 year coating completed and couldn’t be happier. The owner has reached out multiple times making sure I am satisfied and to see if I had any questions. They were professional about it and I am very happy.”
Nicholas Boyce
“I had my new Kia ceramic coated and had an excellent experience. Was able to drop off a car prior to my date so I had a ride back to work when I dropped off the Kia. When everything was done my car was delivered back to my job about 10 minutes from the shop. Kept my car locked in the shop over night as well. Very knowledgeable and great customer service. Highly recommend!”
Amanda Rambeaut

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