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Auto Styling Made Easy: Bringing Your Car To Life

Price & Value

Though we are not your cheapest detailers, we know what true value means. After we detail your vehicle we want you to feel like we have brought more value to you and your ride. That's why we use high quality products and ensure that we take our time on each and every vehicle we work on.


As detailers and most of all human beings we understand that some stains or scratches may not come out depending on the vehicle condition. That's why we never promise perfection unless we can back it up. We will always communicate with you to ensure that you understand what you are getting for the price you pay. False promises are something we stay away from.


We not only want your vehicle to be clean again, we want you to have a pleasant customer experience with us. Beginning with the initial phone call and ending with accepting payment, we want you to be satisfied with the customer service we provide you.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our clients with exceptional auto detailing services that go beyond their expectations. We believe that every car deserves to look its best and we are committed to helping our clients achieve this by using the latest techniques and highest quality products. Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to providing personalized service to each of our clients and we strive to ensure complete satisfaction with every service we provide.

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At Upstate Auto Styling in Spartanburg, SC, we offer exceptional services using only the highest-quality materials and the latest technology. Our experienced professionals are dedicated to bringing your vision to life and providing unparalleled customer satisfaction. Trust us to protect your vehicle’s exterior with our top-quality services, ensuring that your investment retains its stunning appearance for years to come. Choose Upstate Auto Styling for the best auto styling services in Spartanburg, SC.